Easy Steps For Your Unique Kitchen

  1. Kitchen Measurement : Click here for instructions on how to measure your kitchen.
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Selection: A Chicago Custom Kitchens kitchen design consultant will assist you with choosing the best door style, wood specie and finishes for your kitchen.
  3. Kitchen Design Consultation: A Chicago Custom Kitchens consultant will work with you in our showroom to create a 3D computer-generated preliminary design of your new kitchen cabinets based on your input and measurements for your review and make changes on the spot with our 2020 professional kitchen design program. Once you approve the preliminary design, we will schedule a visit for a final kitchen measurement.
  4. Final Kitchen Measurement: A Chicago Custom Kitchens representative will visit your home to verify accurate kitchen measurements. Professional measurement ensures a perfect fit for your kitchen cabinets. Once the final kitchen design and verifications are complete and you have reviewed and approved the final kitchen design we will execute a contract for you knew kitchen cabinets.
  5. Kitchen Installation: If you do not have kitchen installers, Chicago Custom Kitchens provides this service and can install your kitchen cabinets a quote will be provided separately for this service.
  6. Final Kitchen Inspection: Chicago Custom Kitchens installers will go through a final inspection with you to ensure the job meets your approval.

Click here for How To Measure